New wave of hires Flux Nordics

Welcoming a new wave of expertise to Flux Nordics in Copenhagen

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Welcoming a New Wave of Expertise to Flux Nordics in Copenhagen

Flux Partners Nordics is proud to celebrate the arrival of three new members who bring unparalleled expertise and a fresh perspective to our dynamic team. Their arrival marks a significant milestone early on in our Nordics and Baltics growth, as we continue to thrive as a hub for top-tier talent in renewables tenders and projects.

Catia Carreira, our new Ecology and Environmental Lead, brings fifteen years of diverse marine ecology expertise, with a sharp focus on ecological processes in aquatic ecosystems and EIA. Her academic and advisory roles have honed her project management and public speaking skills. Her global collaborations and experience in environmental impact assessments have shaped her into an interdisciplinary team player committed to delivering sustainable solutions.

Annette Reerslev joins us as the Consents and Stakeholder Management Lead, armed with over seventeen years of wind energy industry experience. Her deep understanding of turbine technology and project certification, and her intuitive grasp of certification dynamics make her an invaluable asset. Annette’s experience in standardization committees and project certification equips her to navigate complex regulatory landscapes while maintaining professional and dynamic interactions.

Douwe Velds, our Tender Advisor, brings a contemporary approach with his analytical mindset from his recent European Wind Energy Masters. His proactive style and eagerness for continuous learning align with our innovative ethos. Douwe’s adaptability and initiative, coupled with his problem-solving skills, will undoubtedly lead to pioneering strategies in our tender processes.

We are proud to welcome Catia, Annette, and Douwe to the team. With their onboarding, Flux Partners Nordics is set to navigate and lead the energy landscape with renewed vigor. Their collective experience and innovative approaches to the challenges of energy transition reinforce our mission to drive forward sustainable solutions with quality and excellence.

New wave of hires Flux Nordics