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Sustainability and circularity

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We are a trusted partner in sustainability integration, compliance, and monitoring.

The role of sustainability is becoming more critical in business operations. Our team of experts collaborates closely with your organization to develop bespoke sustainability strategies that align with your unique goals and values. Our sustainability services add value on organizational level and in each stage of a project, from initiation to tender and realization to monitoring.

Making sustainable performance measurable


On a strategy level, we provide hands-on advice to reach organizational goals while complying with legal requirements. In the tender phase we can coordinate and write sustainability plans for maximum added value. Our team will assess your current carbon emissions and design actionable plans to achieve significant CO2 reductions, contributing to a low-carbon future. During later stages our efforts switch towards monitoring and dashboarding.

Circularity and ecology

Circularity and ecology are at the core of sustainable business practices. We’ll guide you in implementing circular economy and ecological principles, from sourcing to waste management, fostering resource efficiency and reducing waste throughout your supply chain to mitigating the impact of infrastructure and energy projects on wildlife.

Impact analysis

Impact analysis is crucial in understanding the true effects of your sustainability initiatives. Our experts conduct thorough impact assessments, providing you with valuable insights that enable you to enhance your positive contributions to society and the environment.


Our services

  • Sustainability strategy
  • Regulation and legal compliance
  • Product origination
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Ecological mitigation
  • Circularity and supply chain advice and implementation
  • Impact analysis
  • Supply chain decarbonization
  • Performing Lifecycle Cost Analysis (LCA)
  • Circular Product Passport
  • Performing Environmental Cost Indicators (ECI) calculations
  • Calculation of GHG emissions
  • Design and execution of the Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) frameworks
  • CO2- and greenhouse gas (GHG)-emission reduction coordination and plan writing
  • Sustainability in tenders for added value and compliance
  • Monitoring and dashboarding of environmental performance

We also provide training modules and courses in sustainability. Please contact us to learn more.


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