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With our core business in tender management for infrastructure projects, contracting and process management, we offer essential input from the start to steer the tender in the right direction and keep the focus on what is dominant. Meanwhile, we continuously challenge the tender team to answer to the wishes and needs of the tender authority.

The earlier we are involved, the bigger the difference we can make in steering the tender towards the winning strategy and increasing the chances of handing in the winning proposal.

Energy Flux Partners


Offshore and onshore wind

We know how to win in wind. Our mission is simple: to hand in the winning bid. To do so, we are both process coordinators and experts on the main non-price criteria topics. The main non-price criteria topics in offshore wind (floating and bottom fixed) are systems integration, ecological mitigation, sustainability and local content. Our market presence is robust, and our track record well established

(Floating) solar

We unleash the limitless potential of offshore floating solar. We help leading offshore solar generation developers to standardize tender documentation (including HSE and quality topics) and manage commercial tender proposals. We successfully participated in the first offshore solar system in the world that is to be electrically connected and operated within a wind park in harsh sea conditions.


We broaden the horizon of hydrogen. Hydrogen is a green energy carrier and a key element for a sustainable future. Renewable hydrogen will play a key role in heavy industry and water- and road transport. We contribute to the widespread use of hydrogen by supporting leading hydrogen producers. Our services include permit- and stakeholder management, tender management, sustainability and contracting. We strengthen our added value in the hydrogen market by combining our experience from hydrogen pipeline tenders and projects.

Grid and storage

With our roots in infrastructure tender management, we build on a wealth of experience with tender management for grid operators such as TenneT and Gasunie. We are proud to have contributed to leading programs and projects such as the TenneT 2GW Program.


We are working towards a sustainable future. With less CO2 emissions and less natural gas. That is why we collaborate with our infrastructure and utilities on district heating projects. WarmtelinQ in the Netherlands is such an underground pipeline with which residual heat from the port of Rotterdam can be used to heat homes and businesses in South Holland.

Charging infrastructure

Households and industrials sectors are switching to sustainable transport. Many governments have set ambitious targets for emission-free transport by road. This is only possible with a robust and comprehensive charging network. Flux Partners is proud to support in the roll-out of charging stations on local and regional level.

And more

We offer hands-on renewable energy advice in all new energy transition and renewables sectors including efforts to make industry more sustainable and also in carbon capture and storage (CCUS) solutions. Our clients are active in both infrastructure and energy projects. That is why we understand the market and the participants well and can deliver winning results. Read more in our renewable energy presentation.

Flux Partners – Renewables presentation