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(Non-residential) Construction

The construction industry is in constant motion. Insights and user preferences drive new developments, with sustainability, reuse, and new ways of living and working playing a significant role.  Increased quality requirements and standards related to the sustainability challenges in the construction sector create a major task. This leads to new challenges, where quality increasingly forms a significant part of the demand.

Flux Partners assists both public and private organizations in tenders and the realization of residential and commercial (e.g., offices, schools, airports) projects.

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Flux and non-residential construction

Over the past years, advisors from Flux Partners have been involved in various projects in the construction sector, including the terminals at Schiphol, the new construction and renovation of Hogeschool Rotterdam, circular procurement for the University of Utrecht, and circular real estate development for the Municipality of Amersfoort.

Together with our clients, we contribute to sustainability and improved quality within the construction sector.