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Infrastructure encompasses the essential facilities and networks designed to serve households and businesses. These facilities must ensure the smooth operation of society and the economy. Infrastructure forms the backbone of a society, and a well-functioning infrastructure is crucial for seamless daily transportation from point A to B. We assist our private and public partners in both the construction and maintenance of various projects, including roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, underground infrastructure, and rail systems.

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Flux Partners and infrastructure

In recent years, consultants from Flux Partners have been involved in various infrastructure projects, such as the renovation of the Afsluitdijk, VIA 15, high water protection programs like Sterke Lekdijk, and the renovation of the Sneltram Utrecht Nieuwegein and IJsselstein (SUNIJ). These are all diverse projects that are of national or regional significance for the infrastructure network and its users. Together with our clients, we work every day to ensure the sustainable accessibility and safety of the Netherlands.