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The art of writing as a pillar of tender success

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The art of writing as a pillar of tender success

Mentioning “I write tenders” in conversation may not immediately speak to much imagination. However, for our Tender Management experts, this is a daily reality. Their mission? To develop the ultimate strategy that resonates with the objectives of the contracting authority and eloquently express it in writing. 

Our Tender management experts’ path to a successful tender involves three pivotal stages alongside clients: analyzing the contracting authority’s unique needs, drafting a distinctive strategy, and expertly converting this into compelling text.

Writing style importance

The writing technique and the tone of voice of the text are of importance to the extent that the text is appealing to the contracting authority, and they recognize the solutions to their problem. The writing style is instrumental to: 

  • Communicate the essence of the message clearly and concisely; 
  • Highlight the distinctive added value persuasively; 
  • Ensure alignment with the contracting authority’s needs and concerns. 

The Writing Module

The significance of writing skills was underscored in a recent Interactive Writing Module, led by Flux’s Michelle Koopmans and Daphne Boonstoppel. Participants boosted their skills through hands-on exercises, tackling a hypothetical case to develop and evaluate strategies. 

Jeroen de Croock, Sustainability Advisor, reflects, “The Writing Module was really instructive. The practical application of knowledge was very educational. The key takeaway of this Module was to ensure the document’s quality meets the contracting authority’s expectations. That is vital.” 

The module simulated an intensive tender process, including site visits and stakeholder interactions. Flux Tender experts Roeland Boonekamp and Remco Steenstra impersonated the contracting authority and evaluated the strategy, applying a meticulous matrix based on SMART criteria and impact. 

Remco Steenstra, ‘Contracting authority’ and Senior Tender Management Advisor, observes: “It was impressive to witness every participant, regardless of their writing experience, excel in the practical exercise. Viewing strategies from the client’s perspective was particularly enlightening.” 

Despite all (fictional) Bidders’ efforts, the outcome was clear: the ‘tender’ was awarded to the Ties, Jeroen, and Sjoerd’s team. They received maximum points on their strategy for secured enhancing biodiversity.  

Success through clear writing

Ultimately, that is what the Tender Management field is about: maximizing points for success! Success comes through clear writing, and concrete measures aligning with the contracting authority’s needs. As Johan Cruyff said, “If I wanted you to understand, I would have explained it better.” 

Do you want to learn the art of writing a winning plan? Or do you want to contribute your writing skills to Flux? Contact us now!