Vitaliteit bij flux

Optimal performance through employee wellness: Vitality within Flux

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Optimal performance through employee wellness: Vitality within Flux

At Flux Partners, the well-being of our employees is important to us. With our core values, Familial, Fun, Challenging, and Xcellent, we therefore focus on each other’s well-being, and on creating a corporate culture in which everyone can perform to their maximum potential.

However, the meaning of well-being can be different for each employee. A person may experience a higher workload or be stressed for various reasons. That is concerning, not only for that person, but also for the company as a whole. For example, a much-discussed trend in the field of employee well-being is ‘quiet quitting’, where employees lose motivation to go the extra mile for their work. This is at odds with engagement in your work and job satisfaction.

The importance of vitality

Listening to employee feedback and investing in a healthy work-life balance are our priorities. We also see vitality as a cornerstone for good performance. Achieving and maintaining vitality requires us to take a somewhat broader look at well-being. In fact, five areas can be distinguished in this regard:

It includes physical health, for example, by means of healthy diet and regular exercise. But it also includes mental and emotional well-being, for example, by means of balancing work and leisure time and spending enough time relaxing and having fun. Social well-being is also important, with meaningful connections providing a sense of belonging. Nurturing personal passions and pursuing goals that inspire us contribute to spiritual well-being. Being invested in what we do and deriving meaning from our work. It’s about being in balance within these five areas.

“Vitality is undeniably important. Something seemingly simple, like poor sleep, can have a significant impact on your emotional well-being. What you feel inside, you radiate on the outside. We value our employees and strive to offer them a professional home where they can truly be themselves. This commitment is central to our values, and vitality is an integral part of it.” – Mariske Vlasblom (Chief Happiness Officer)

Being able to go the ‘extra mile’

Workplace vitality thus has a significant impact on employee performance and well-being. Investing in vitality increases employees’ sustainable employability, productivity and well-being. A vitality-focused work environment not only strengthens employees’ immune systems, but also ensures that they are better able to adapt to change and challenges. In short, this is how we prevent employees from ‘checking out’ within their work and instead encourage strong connectedness and optimal performance.

Within Flux Partners, we deploy various means for this, such as the weekly employee satisfaction survey (medewerkerstevredenheidsonderzoek – MTO) to stay in touch with Flux employees and monitor their job satisfaction in an accessible way. In addition to company goals that are shared weekly during end-of-week meetings, each Flux employee has his or her own development plan that sets individual targets on what he or she wants to achieve within Flux Partners. For this, we have both internal and external coaching.

There are various sports opportunities at our office, such as padel tennis and a kickboxing class on Fridays. In this way, we offer opportunities to work on fitness and health.

We also organise various activities through which we delve deeper into well-being topics. For instance, during our last Bureau2day, we had a lecture on mental health by Renaldo Ishaak, and we discussed social safety in an ‘over the line’ afternoon. So, there is a focus on listening to each other seriously, alongside the fun activities we do together to connect with each other as Flux employees, and keep it fun. This is how we can go that ‘extra mile’ together.