Procurement programme EU-302 Civil Works Cable Connections Onshore

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Procurement programme EU-302 Civil Works Cable Connections Onshore

A sustainable energy supply requires substantial modifications to the high-voltage grid. In early 2022, TenneT put EU-302, civil work cable connections, on the market with an initial term of eight years. Flux Partners wrote winning qualitative plans in collaboration with BAM Energie & Water.

Flux Partners & BAM

The tender had a broad scope, ranging from a detailed environmental plan to vision documents on digitalisation and sustainability. In order to provide the right support, Flux Partners specialists from our Tender Management, Environmental Management, Process Management and Sustainability departments . These departments regularly work together and offer added value in terms of integrality and comprehensiveness in projects with a multidisciplinary scope. In this project, Flux was responsible for guiding the process, providing substantive expertise, writing the plans and ensuring integration among all subjects.

Tender & result

The tender consisted of a fictitious project and a number of roadmaps. The fictitious project was assessed on the elements of environment, project management plan and the demonstrability of design & implementation. The roadmaps had to describe the vision, ambition and approach for the next five years.

To achieve the best possible tender, we worked closely with BAM Energie & Water for six months. This cooperation worked well. Inspiring sessions and intensive contact resulted in an excellent final product for TenneT. With an excellent score on the Project Management Plan, environmental plan, and multiple roadmaps, among others, we achieved the desired result for BAM. The tender was praised for its SMART elaboration, ambition and integral approach. In addition, the roadmaps set up provide tools for BAM Energie & Water and TenneT to continue to develop, both within the contract and beyond.

We briefly explain our approach to the fictitious project environment, PMP, and the sustainability roadmap below.

Fictitious project environment:
For the fictitious project environment, maintaining a good long-term relationship with the environment was very important. BAM E&W safeguards this by including the environment at an early stage to create support and stakeholder satisfaction. For example, they provide blind spot training for primary schools and regularly go through the project area to resolve minor points of concern quickly and easily.

Sustainability roadmap:
The sustainability roadmap focuses on improving biodiversity and minimising waste, primary materials and CO2 & NOX emissions. We contribute to this by, among other things, developing and optimising a pipe made of recycled HDPE, applying an all-electric drill rig, and setting up a “nature” menu.

Project management plan (PMP):
In the PMP, we show how BAM E&W executes plans in a manageable way, focused on steering and achieving results. BAM E&W has insight into the topics that are important for executing the fictitious project in a controlled way. They do this using critical success factors and KPIs, concrete improvement processes and an integrated information management system.

Looking backwards and forwards

We look back with satisfaction on a successful collaboration with BAM Energie & Water, resulting in a good evaluation. The tender was a challenging and intensive project. By combining the strengths of BAM and Flux Partners, we obtained new insights and achieved innovative approaches. We look forward to continuing this cooperation.